I have a passion for music that has existed since childhood. It’s difficult to say where this passion came from. I do recall, however, sitting in my mother’s living room listening to her James Brown record collection. Time always seemed to stand still whenever I heard the driving rhythms along with every growl, grunt and scream of the Godfather of Soul. I also recall sitting in my grandparents living room listening to Nat King Cole and The Mills Brothers. Being that I also grew up primarily during the 1970’s, I, like every African American teen-preteen girl of that time, was also a Jackson Five fan. I’d pretend I was the girl Michael Jackson was singing to and about while spending hours listening to every Jackson Five album I had in my collection. I also heard the sounds of The Dramatics, The Stylistics, Blue Magic and others. At that time, R&B had the ability to be fun, smooth, funky, jazzy, thought provoking and just about anything else it wanted. You could hear smooth harmonies, driving rhythms, blaring horns and lilting melodies. The music had a way of sticking with you long after it was over. Fast forward a few decades and a lot has changed, and not necessarily for the better. The quality of the music has diminished while the price has skyrocketed. It has been replaced with mechanical sounding music which lacks soul. My purpose for creating this blog is to support modern R&B artists who create quality music. Music rarely ever heard on mainstream radio. These artists deserve recognition for their contributions to the industry. I’ll be posting articles and videos of these artists. Enjoy!