Without question, the Jackson 5 were a symbol of a new era at Motown Records. The group’s wholesome image along with its funky, youthful sound, which came to be known as “bubblegum soul”, transcended race, everyone loved the Jackson 5, especially lead singer Michael, whose gift for singing and dancing belied his youth. The group rose from humble beginnings. The five brothers who comprised the group, Michael, Marlon, Tito, Jackie and Jermaine Jackson, were five of nine children born to Joseph and Katherine Jackson in Gary IN. The group was first formed as the Jackson Brothers in 1964 after father Joseph discovered his children had talent. They later performed in local talent shows and later on what became known as the “chitlin circuit” of night clubs across the country.  In the summer of 1968, the group opened for singer Bobby Taylor. Taylor sent the group to Detroit, where he worked to get them a deal with Motown Records. After Motown founder Berry Gordy watched a tape of the group from his home in Los Angeles, he signed the group to a contract. The group worked with a four man songwriting team known as The Corporation, which included Gordy along with Deke Richards, Alphonso Mizell and Freddie Perren. In January 1970, the groups first single, “I Want You Back”, hit number one. It’s next three singles, “The Love You Save”, “ABC” and “I’ll Be There”, all hit number one as well, making the Jackson 5 the first group to ever reach number one with its first four singles. Other hits such as “Get It Together” and “Dancing Machine” followed before the group left Motown to sign with CBS Records. Sadly, brother Michael’s funeral would be the last time the Jackson siblings would gather as his five brothers all served as pallbearers.