August 25, 2015, marked fourteen years since the death of R&B singer Aaliyah. To commemorate that date, fans and peers of the late singer took to social media to share their admiration of her talent. One of the most notable was singer Janet Jackson. The singer posted a handwritten note detailing the bond the two shared. Aaliyah’s admiration for Ms. Jackson is not secret. She mentioned the legendary singer as a musical influence during an interview with talk show host Rose O’Donnell. Aaliyah also expressed a desire to collaborate with Jackson. Although no collaboration ever saw the light of day, Ms. Jackson dedicated her single “Come Back To Me” to the late singer during a concert a few years back. No Limit Records mogul Master P stopped by radio show the Breakfast Club to discuss his  upcoming film “Ice Cream Man: King Of The South”. While it seems like perfect timing for the film’s release with “Straight Outta Compton” still number one at the box office, the rap mogul says he won’t hide anything when telling his come-up narrative. The film will be executive produced by Master P’s son Romeo and be produced by his in-house team from No Limit Forever. The film will be released in 2016. Singers Chris Brown and Rita Ora collaborated on the single “Body On Me” for her upcoming album. Now, the two have enlisted the services of rapper Fetty Wap for the remix. While the original version of the song was an R&B ballad, the remix is an uptempo record with Fetty Wap fitting in with the concept and theme. Hopefully, the single will do well.