Aretha Franklin has postponed two upcoming concert dates, siting a busy travel schedule. The Queen of Soul released a statement on Friday saying that she would reschedule both the Oct. 17 date in Durant and the Oct. 22 show in Tulsa as well. Franklin, who lives in Detroit, only travels by tour bus. She stated she’s not prepared to travel so far again after driving to the West coast this summer. Franklin says she will reschedule the dates. The 73-year-old Grammy winner is scheduled to perform on Sep. 26 in Philadelphia during Pope Francis’ visit to the city. Singer Patti LaBelle doesn’t tolerate rudeness on her stage. During a concert in Vancouver on Saturday, one audience member learned first hand what misbehaving in her presence will lead to: a lot of scolding. LaBelle invited fans up on stage to dance to “Lady Marmalade”, but lost it when one fan went too far and unbuttoned his shirt. “Don’t you dare, not on my stage!” she demanded. “Iam not Nicki Minaj or that little, uh, Mylie”. The situation escalated when the fan then proceeded to arch his back and show her his backside. “Get off my goddarn stage, bitch,” the singer yelled as security removed the man from the stage. And stay off. Put him out of the building. Put him out! How dare you!” Don’t mess with Patti LaBelle. R&B singer Lalah Hathaway has decided to tackle one of the most poignant issues facing people of color for her new album. She covers her late father Donny Hathaway’s 70’s classic “Little Ghetto Boy” for “Lalah Hathaway Live”. The song, which eloquently captures the disparity felt among communities affected by the racially motivated injustices of that time, still resonates today. In the video, directed by Ali Leroi, Hathaway drives through the city while simultaneously telling the stories of men she meets along the way. It’s important to address what’s happening in the community and how to overcome the obstacles facing us.