When “Four Five Seconds”, the collaboration between Rhianna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney was released in January, many assumed that a new Rhianna album would be released. After all, the singer’s last album was in 2012, 10 months ago, which is the longest gap between Rhianna albums ever. Now, it appears that a new Rhianna album is in the works. On Wednesday night, at Los Angeles art gallery Mama Gallery, Roy Nachum, an Israeli artist who resides in New York, debuted the art work he designed for Rhianna’s eighth studio album at a private viewing. Sauntering into the gallery mobbed by both fans and press alike, Rhianna said a few words and revealed that the title for the album is “Anti”. The cover features a young Rhianna holding a black balloon with a gold crown covering her eyes. Over the red-and-white canvas cover, a poem written by Chloe Mitchell is written in Braille. The Braille and sight-obscuring crown follows the theme of the album art so far, which Nachum is making as a statement on vision and vision impairment. Rhianna stated after the unveiling, “Sometimes those with the sight are the blindest”.  No release date for the album has been announced. Yesterday marked the 35th anniversary of the release of Prince’s “Dirty Mind”. It was the beginning of the Minneapolis native’s incredible eight album run, nine if you include his 1989 soundtrack for the film “Batman”. More is definitely to come.