Prince is giving social media another shot. The legendary rocker, who had a brief alliance with Twitter and Facebook last year, has launched an Instagram account. The reclusive musician cranked up his Princestagram (Jimmy Fallon is to be thanked for the name) where he posted 88 items in two days. In a sign that he may have finally gotten the hang of social media ( and that his sense of humor is still intact) he posted several career related memes on his page, including Dave Chappelle’s infamous portrayal of the master/singer/songwriter/musician. He also shared several live shots, cover art shots and older publicity shots as well. Prince took to social media when  he released the albums “Art Official Age” and “Plectrumelectrum” in 2014. After both albums reached number one on the Billboard charts, the artist abruptly dismantled his Facebook and Twitter accounts, his brief and sometimes awkward flirtation with social media seemingly over for good. Prince’s fresh start on Instagram follows the release of “HITNRUN Phase One” last month. It’s his thirty-eighth studio album. He earned his 25th top 10 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums with the No. 8 debut of the set. While considering his growing commitment to activism, Pop/R&B singer Usher only needed to look at Harry Belafonte seated beside him to know how much more he could give. The two engaged in an hour long conversation moderated by Soledad O’Brien, which was  held at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan. Near the end of the conversation the subject was turned to politics and social causes when someone asked if Usher and Belafonte would duet together. Usher stated that he’s tried to get Belafonte in the studio to no avail. Belafonte interjected that there’s a reason for that. He had a stroke that weakened his vocal chords.