After the debut of her new series for BET “Zoe Ever After”, Brandy released a new track titled “Beggin & Pleadin” that has  a bit of a twang. Produced by Oak and Pop, it’s the singers release since “Magic” in 2012 along with her Christmas album “A Classic Holiday” in 2015. On a Facebook post Brandy wrote, “As I grew through the subject matter of this song, I realized that I needed me to forgive me for not believing what I felt!!!”. The track grooves and sways like a gentle summer breeze and is definitely worth a listen. During the teaser for his interview for Bloomberg tv, Wu Tang Clan guru RZA showed no ill will toward indicted drug executive Martin Shkreli, who purchased the Wu Tang Clan album “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” for a  reported $2 million through an online auction house Paddle8 last year. “He bought it, he can do what he wants”, RZA reported told With All Due Respect host John Heileman. While Shkreli, who was arrested on securities charges last month, hasn’t been shy about airing his grievances toward RZA, RZA didn’t allow the hostile comments to jade his sense of accomplishment.